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The Wide Application of Titanium Material in Various Industries
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Titanium material has a strong corrosion resistance because of its strong affinity for oxygen, which can generate a dense oxide film on the surface, which can protect the titanium element from medium. In most aqueous solutions, titanium dioxide can form passive oxide films on the surface. Titanium has good stability in acidic, alkaline and brine solutions because it can form passive oxide film. It has better corrosion resistance than stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance and affinity, titanium has been widely used in many industries.
(1) Chemical industry
Titanium has good stability in various acid, alkali and salt media. For example, the use of titanium anode and titanium wet chlorine cooler in chlor-alkali industry has good economic results.
(2) Petroleum Industry
Titanium materials have very strong stability in organic compounds. As a result, titanium is an excellent structural material in petroleum refining and chemical industry. It can be used to make various titanium heat exchangers, titanium reactors, titanium high pressure vessels and titanium distillation towers.
(3) Metallurgical Industry
1) Titanium is a kind of active metal with good gas absorption and excellent degassing agent in steelmaking industry. Titanium can precipitate oxygen and nitrogen during cooling of chemical steels, which can make steels tough and elastic.
2) Titanium has good corrosion resistance and stability in acidic solution containing metal ions. Therefore, titanium electrolytic plates are widely used in hydrometallurgical industry, such as copper, nickel, cobalt, manganese and other non-ferrous metals.
(4) Chemical fertilizer industry
Urea is an important chemical fertilizer. It is highly corrosive at high temperature. The use of titanium equipment can greatly increase the life of the equipment and reduce the overhaul time. Therefore, titanium equipment is used in urea production.
(5) Seawater desalination and shipbuilding industry
The corrosion resistance of titanium in seawater is very good. Titanium in seawater has special stability whether in stationary or high-speed flow. Therefore, titanium is an ideal material for desalination equipment. Titanium is an ideal structural material for shipbuilding industry because of its strong corrosion resistance to sea water and sea air, high strength and light weight.
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(6) Electric power industry
Titanium has good stability in many corrosive hot water containing chloride and sulphide. Replacing copper-nickel alloy tubes with titanium tubes can greatly improve service life, reduce maintenance time and achieve remarkable economic results.
(7) Medical industry
Medical titanium materials can resist the corrosion of human body and are harmless to human body. They have good biocompatibility and good comprehensive mechanical properties. It is widely used in medical devices and pharmaceutical industry, as well as human implants.
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