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Titanium bar
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Corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of titanium rods contribute to the wide application of chlor-alkali industry
The chlor-alkali industry is highly corrosive. Medium and products such as saturated brine, wet chlorine, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid have strong corrosiveness in the production process. In recent years, with the rapid development of chlor-alkali industry and new equipment in China, new technologies are constantly emerging, and the application scope of titanium in chlor-alkali industry is gradually expanded and widely used. Manufacture of metal anode electrolyzer and ionic membrane electrolyzer, wet oxygen cooler, salt water preheater, dechlorination tower, chlorine gas cooling and scrubbing tower, etc.
TC4 titanium rod
Titanium bars have excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, and are widely used in many fields. Especially in chemical applications, titanium can replace stainless steel as corrosion resistant material, which is of great significance to prolong the service life of equipment, reduce costs, prevent pollution and improve productivity.
At present, titanium is widely used in the chlor-alkali industry to manufacture metal anode titanium electrolyzer, ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer, wet chlorine cooler, brine preheater, dechlorination tower, chlorine cooling tower, etc. In the past, non-metallic materials (such as graphite and polyvinyl chloride) were mainly used for the main components of these equipment. Due to the unsatisfactory mechanical properties, thermal stability and processing performance of non-metallic materials, heavy equipment, large energy consumption, short service life, affecting product quality and environmental pollution. Therefore, since the 1970s, metal anode bath and ionic membrane bath have been used to replace graphite bath, and titanium wet cooler has been used to replace graphite cooler.
Titanium alloy rod
For example, the application of titanium wet chlorine cooler. The production of caustic soda by salt electrolysis produces a large amount of high temperature and high humidity chlorine gas. The temperature is generally between 75 and 95 C. It needs cooling and drying to be used. The chlorine gas produced by salt electrolysis in China is seriously polluted by unreasonable cooling process or corrosion of cooling equipment. The production of titanium coolers resistant to chlorine corrosion at high temperature and humidity has changed the production of chlorine in chlor-alkali industry. Titanium has high corrosion resistance in high temperature and humidity chlorine environment. The corrosion rate of titanium in chlorine water at room temperature is 0.000565mm/a. The corrosion rate of titanium is 0.00431 mm/a in chlorine water at 80 C. In 95% wet chlorine, the corrosion rate of titanium at room temperature is 0.00096 mm/a. Many chlor-alkali coolers are commonly used in titanium wet chlorine coolers, some of which have been used for nearly 20 years and are still in good condition.
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